Luke Bonser, PhD

Associate Researcher
Human Genetics

Walter Eckalbar, PhD

Assistant Professor

David Erle, MD

Professor and Associate Chair for Biomedical Research
Department of Medicine

Dr. Erle received an A.B. degree (Biochemistry) from Harvard College in 1980 and an M.D. degree from UCSF in 1984. He was trained in internal medicine and in pulmonary disease at UCSF. As a CVRI research fellow training at the UCSF Lung Biology Center, he studied leukocyte integrins with Robert Pytela and Dean Sheppard. He joined the Lung Biology Center faculty in 1990. His academic activities include laboratory research and clinical teaching. He founded the UCSF Functional Genomics Core Facility.

Kirsten Hargett, BS, BA

Staff Research Associate 2

Chandler Jensen-Cody, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar
Human Genetics

Kyung Duk Koh, PhD

Associate Researcher
Human Genetics

Jane Shen, BS

Bioinformatics Program 3
M_Human Genetics

Ofer Yizhar Barnea, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar

I choose science, i choose to ask question that might not be answered, or better yet that no one thought are ask-able. I rarely agree to get 'NO can do" as an answer, instead of explaining "why not" to do something, i choose to say "Why not?! let's do it". I came to UCSF, becuase i felt the later question floating in the air everywhere.